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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process from getting the estimate to the finished product?
What’s different about Pro Quality is that normally our appointments are same day. We can usually come to your home the same day in order to get the estimate done. After the contract is signed, usually within 3-5 days the job is scheduled. Every job is done from beginning to end and completed in a timely fashion.
How should homeowners maintain their property after Pro Quality has done work on it?
It’s always good to take a look around the house and make sure that there’s nothing damaged that’s going to cause additional damage. A lot of times homeowners neglect certain things like a loose shingle or a hanging gutter. These can further deteriorate the under part of a roof or gutter that could cause additional damage and cost more money.
When is the best time to replace a roof?
There’s no bad time, but the best time to replace a roof is when the temperature is above freezing or over 40 degrees. Obviously when it’s not raining is a good time. We can usually repair a roof 12 months out of the year.
How do windows save on energy costs?
Windows today have energy efficient features such as argon between the two panes of glass. The glass is thicker. The argon gas stops the hot or cold from flowing from one side to the other. Today’s windows have a low emissivity (high reflectance) coating on them which stop the sun’s rays from coming though and deteriorating the furniture and also stop the heat from coming through the windows. By putting in new windows, you can save on energy sometimes as much as 30-40%.
What is the most important job for maintaining the home in the spring?
In the springtime it’s a great idea for the homeowner to go around the house and check if there’s any damage that was caused over the winter such as hanging gutters, missing or damaged roof shingles, or damaged siding or windows. Our professionals are trained to find leaks and other problems and gather information for the best estimate to get the repair done.
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